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    Value chain of a traditional tiles manufacturer

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    Explain what kind of value chain a tiles manufacturer with more manual methods will have. What kind of primary and support activities will be there in its value chain which is adding value to the final product?

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    The value chain of tiles manufacturer will be as follows:

    Value being added during:
    i. Primary activities

    1) Inbound logistics
    - transportation of marble chips, cement and gravel sand to factory
    - sorting of different grades of cements and marble chips
    - storage of marble chips, cement and gravel sand
    - stock taking and inventory control

    2) Operations
    - blending of cement and chips with water
    - blending of cement and gravel sand
    - blending of cement and ...

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    This solution provides an idea of the kind of activities that a traditional tiles manufacturer will have in its value chain. These primary and support activities help in developing the final product in the form of tiles used in houses.