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    Data Collection Methods and Job Satisfaction Survey

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    As part of AIU's Job Satisfaction Study, data will need to be collected from individuals.

    Describe 5 data collection techniques in your own words. Be sure to cite any sources you used.
    Explain why the four demographic questions you included in your survey are important and/or are of interest to the study.

    Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Please see response attached (also presented below). I also included a relevant article on job satisfaction ("Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment") for further research into your topic.

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    1. Describe 5 data collection techniques in your own words. Be sure to cite any sources you used.

    Method of data collection

    When considering a survey or questionnaire design, you will need to develop the methods of data collection. Clearly, this is important step because you need to consider the costs, physical resources, and time required to conduct the survey.

    You will need to select the best method for gathering the required data. Keep in mind that cost and data quality will be directly impacted by the method you choose. There are several options available: face-to-face interviews or computer assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) are two examples. These methods are administered by a trained interviewer and can have either a structured or unstructured line of questioning. There are also two telephone methods available: telephone interviews or computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI). In fact, a trained interviewer also administers both methods, but the telephone versions are structured with a more formal interview schedule. Finally, there is also the option of a collecting data through a self-completed questionnaire. This method allows the respondent to complete the questionnaire without the aid of an interviewer. It is highly structured and can be returned by mail or through a drop-off system. Let's look a little closer at each:

    1. Personal interviews: Face-to-face Interview

    ? Face-to-face: involves trained interviewers visiting people to collect questionnaire data. It is a good approach for ensuring a high response rate to a sample survey or census, and trained interviewers gather better quality data. However, there are some disadvantages to this approach. Respondents may not always be available for interviews and the travel costs of the interviewer could be high.
    ? Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI): is a form of personal interviewing, but instead of completing a questionnaire, the interviewer brings along a laptop or hand-held computer to enter the information directly into the database. This method saves time involved in processing the data, as well as saving the interviewer from carrying around hundreds of questionnaires. However, this ...

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    This solution describes 5 data collection techniques, as well as the reasons why certain demographic questions would be included in a job satisfaction survey explaining why they are important and/or of interest to the study. Example questions are also provided and a supplementary article discussing the variables linked to job satisfaction. And, a link to information explaining how to ask good questions is also provided.