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    Five data collection techniques are discussed in the articles from the library's full-text databases, find examples of studies that used two different methods of data collection.

    Paragraph 1: Describe the data collection method used in one study.

    Paragraph 2: Using the knowledge you gained from the textbook, discuss the pros and cons of the data collection method. (Cite the textbook. The following is the link to the textbook: http://www.coursesmart.com/SR/5647235/9781934920657/I?__hdv=6.8

    Paragraph 3: Describe a different data collection method used in another study.

    Paragraph 4: Again, using the knowledge you learned from the textbook, discuss the pros and cons of the data collection method. (Cite the textbook)

    Please do not use quotes or copy definitions. You will not receive credit for understanding the materials if you use the words of others. Keep in mind that since you did research and you have citations in the body of the post, you must also place a reference list at the end containing the textbook and the articles cited.

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    The first study is "Task versus relationship conflict, team performance, and team member satisfaction: A meta-analysis" CKW De Dreu, LR Weingart - Journal of applied psychology, 2003, Vol. 88, No. 4, 741-749. In this study the data collection method is literature search. The literature search was conducted by going through different issues of conflict management, psychology, and organizational behavior journals. Conference proceedings of Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the International Association for Conflict Management, and the Academy of Management meetings were also examined.

    The pros of literature search are that that these can be conducted for almost any topic. These are not very costly and large quantity of data ...

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    The technique of literature search is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.