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    Qualitative and quantitative Data Collection Planning

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    Qualitative and quantitative Data Collection Planning

    Dr. Morris is a new administrator of your facility. She is interested in getting a better understanding of how services are currently delivered as well as how effective the current processes are for achieving patient and employee satisfaction. You have been asked to help plan a data collection process to answer the two problem areas. Briefly outline a plan to:

    Collect qualitative data about how the current services are delivered
    Collect quantitative data about satisfaction from either the staffâ??s point of view OR clientsâ?? point of view.
    Note: it is important that you address the essential elements of a plan:

    Who will collect data?
    What data will be collected?
    When will data be collected?
    How will data be collected?

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    Qualitative Data is data that is not characterized by numbers, and instead is textual, visual or oral; the focus is on stories, visual portrayals, meaningful characterizations,, interpretations and other expressive descriptions.

    Quantitative Data is data that represent phenomena by assigning numbers in an ordered and meaningful way.

    If we are to collect qualitative data about how the current services are being delivered in at our facility qualitatively speaking we would be collecting data based on the current satisfaction or dissatisfaction of services perceived by the clients of our facility and of our employees who work in the facility.
    The data ...

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    Qualitative and quantitative data collection planning methods are carefully investigated and supported with a reference.