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Memo: business Research Paper Proposal

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This memo serves as the basis for your final business research paper. A clear understanding of the difference between primary research and secondary research is of particular importance.

1. Pay particular attention to the primary data and secondary data. The final business research report must have a significant primary research component.

2. In memo format discuss your preliminary plans for your business research report. This proposal should include information related to a narrow and specific aspect of a business-related subject. A focus in the area of your intended occupation or career is preferred. No subject should be considered too small. For example, the topics below would be acceptable:
- Customer service standards
- Dress codes
- Ethics and Code of Conduct manuals
- Dating in the workplace
- Roadside trash pickups
- Workplace bloodmobiles
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Workplace recycling

3. The primary data collection method(s) you intend to use (questionnaires, interviews, and/or observations) need to be discussed in some detail.

4. How much time do you expect the data collection to take? This is usually expressed in days or weeks.

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This detailed solution is a formatted business research paper proposal that includes primary date collection methods and time needed for proposal. It is for use in a communication class.

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6 November 2012

Dear Mr. XXXX:

Subject: Effectiveness of Workplace Wellness Tools Research Project

I plan to research the effectiveness of workplace fitness options on the workforce. Many companies offer employees discounted gym memberships or on site gyms. Some companies offer wellness lectures or monetary incentives to take part in healthy behavior. I will research the range and effectiveness of these wellness tools. ...

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