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    Analyzing Job Satisfaction Survey Data

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    You have joined a new hospital and you have been reading some internal documents. You find that the hospital conducted a job satisfaction survey among its staff three years earlier. A market research firm had conducted the survey, analyzed the data, and provided results. How will you evaluate this report? Suppose you decide to do a follow-up study. How will you design it? What are the considerations in data collection? Would you rely on self-reported data or seek an objective measure? How will you analyze the data?

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    Evaluating Reports

    My approach to data evaluations and surveys consist of numerical systems. The methodology is to critically analyze the survey by breaking the data into smaller parts. For surveys it is useful to calculate response frequencies and percentages for each question. (IAR, 2011) Response frequencies are the number of times participants responded to a certain response category. The percentages are the frequencies divided by the total number of participants. The results of the frequencies and percentages are the numbers that would be used to make an evaluated decision.

    Follow-up Study Design

    Depending on the finite purpose of the survey, my follow-up approach would be the cross-tabulation method. Cross-tabulation is the relationship between responses for two survey ...

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