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Summarize articles on job satisfaction

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Details: Reference the following articles.
Bratton, J. & Gold, J. (2001). Human Resource Management: Theory and Practice (2nd Edition). Published by Routledge.

Rosato, D. (January 15th 2009). Fireproof your job. Retrieved January 24, 2009, from http://cnnmoney.mobi/money/archive/archive/detail/118074/full;jsessionid=CCB440500626066503C16A8A6B39055E#p1

Provide an overview of the contents and apply the concepts to the Job Satisfaction survey. It is important to cover the concept of the techniques used to estimate sample size.


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//In this part, we will furnish you a brief overview of selected article i.e. 'Job Satisfaction Survey'. In this part, we will also discuss the article, in order to find out the description of whole article. So, firstly, we will article under the heading of Overview, for example: //

The Article gives a description of the various techniques that can help employees to overcome the threat of lay-offs at the workplace. These techniques are a guide for the employees and can surely help them to retain their jobs in a lay-off situation. The various techniques mentioned in the Article are getting observed by the higher officials, consorting with individuals appreciated by superiors, giving more than what the ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 298 words with references.