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Drug Prevention

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I need to identify and describe two prevention strategies

I am trying to explain ways of determining whether loved ones have a problem with drugs using the DSM-IV-TR characteristics of substance abuse and dependence.

I need to talk about the effectiveness of current treatment strategies in the United States

Not sure how to explain polypharmacology

Last thing I need in my paper is to address the possible treatment options and treatment difficulties for someone who is dependent on two substances.

Thanks for the help!

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I need to identify and describe two drug prevention strategies

Two drug prevention strategies that are commonly used are selective and universal prevention strategies. Selective prevention focuses upon preventing specific sub-populations such as youths who pose a significantly higher risk for developing a drug disorder from engaging in drug use. Universal prevention focuses upon preventing the entire population from engaging in drug use.

I am trying to explain ways of determining whether loved ones have a problem ...

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This response focuses on drug prevention strategies.

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