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Brazil's Drug Trade and related health issues

Discuss in detail, the ongoing drug-related violence in Brazil, the target population of this catastrophe, and how this catastrophe affects health outcomes in the country. Please indicate any references to support statistics and findings.

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The ongoing gang related violence in Brazil has historical roots, beginning before the turn of the
20th century. In the early 1900's, the widespread distribution and use of marijuana was already a health
Issue for many regions of the country, particularly the cities. As more and harsher drugs, such as cocaine,
were introduced, violence increased. Until a few years ago, residents of city slums were afraid to go
outside their homes, even in daylight. Now, things have changed. Many residents of the slums say they
can go outdoors and see nothing (Bowater, 2014). However, even with increased police presence,
drug and gang violence is beginning to increase again in isolated areas and now the police are being
implicated in gang related ...

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The discussion focuses on the most serious health problems facing poor residents of Brazil, living in city slums surrounded by drug trade violence.