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    Critical Issues in Law Enforcement

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    Explained the top three critical issues in contemporary law enforcement.
    Analyzed the kind of controversy each of these issues has generated. Explained whether the controversy is justified and why.
    Evaluated whether these issues have resulted in changes in law enforcement.
    Evaluated whether the changes that have resulted from these critical issues temporary or permanent in nature.
    Analyzed and explained whether the issues of contemporary law enforcement reflect challenges faced by society as a whole, or do they reflect the concerns of the more powerful groups.

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    Three top issues in contemporary law enforcement
    1. Drug sale, use, production. Drugs alone are not the only issue, but their use and sale creates crime in many other areas. Production of drugs and sales of drugs have a close relationship with other crimes. "Studies with the United State have found that 82% of all jail inmates admitted to prior use of drugs and 36% acknowledged being on drugs at the time of their offense. Up to 75% of those charged with crimes had drugs in their systems at the time of their arrest." (IACP.org, 2014) The continuing growth of the drug trade and the accompanying economic power by those who sell drugs are difficult to overcome. Other crimes such as property crimes, robbery, assault, and murder are the product of drug use or drug trade. Additionally, the drug trade creates drugs, and often takes part in arms trafficking, movement of weapons, money laundering, and international organized crime. This helps fund and sustain the second most critical law enforcement issue.

    Limiting and focusing on the drug trade takes away from other issues that need ...

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