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Criminal Justice in Post Secondary Environment

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Some authorities propose that all law enforcement (e.g., police officers) and corrections officers (e.g. guards) should be required to have a four-year college degree in criminal justice. Others disagree and feel that the necessary skills and training can be obtained outside an academic environment and that individuals with liberal arts and other degrees may be qualified for criminal justice positions. Research and analyze the arguments both for and against the proposition. Provide and support your own recommendation concerning this issue

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The criminal justice in post secondary environment is determined.

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One of the first degrees I see being useful for a criminal justice degree is a liberal arts degree. It is not a fine arts degree, but it is not always considered a science degree. I do believe other degrees are suitable for criminal justice positions. Criminal justice is a vast area from law enforcement to courts, to prisons. Therefore people of all types of backgrounds and experiences are needed to work within the system of criminal justice. For most of the positions, a college degree should be preferred because the skills and knowledge gained in college contains critical thinking capabilities. Decision making is more quickly accomplished because more critical thinking skills are ...

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