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Develop a Profile of Your Multiple Identity Roles

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Based upon personal, professional, and social identity, develop a profile of your multiple roles. Structure your response with the following questions in mind: Identify the roles you play, and in what contexts you play them in the course of a day. How do these multiple roles affect the specific population you serve? How do your own theoretical and ideological perspectives and your practice affect your roles and identity as a professional? How does this profile affect your ethical decision-making? What assumptions constitute your ethical problem solving process?

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Multiple Roles: A Reflection

Everyday when I go on when my tasks, routine and non-routine, I take on many roles. We all have multiple roles in our lives - we are sons or daughters, students and teachers, friends and lovers, assistant and manager, ally or rival - in a host of possible situations, settings and undertakings that we take on because of either choice or responsibility. Even if we say that we choose to have simple lives in the society we live in - concentrating only on one career path or having simpler, less complicated personal relationships - it is never just a case of one role; it is still quite a few and for each we have a set of tasks as well as ways of thinking and certain expectations when we take them on. All of these roles, when they come together point out to our unique individual identities - these together is our social identity, who we are, what we are to others and to ourselves.

At a personal reflection, first and foremost, for myself I am a student. I am studying in university, working to achieve a degree which is essential for my future so that via the qualifications and skill sets I gain, I can forge a career path to fend for myself and 'find my way' ...

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The expert develops a profile for multiple identity roles. The affects of ethical decision-making is determined.