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Is encouraging androgynous gender roles a good idea?

Based on your understanding of the theory and research on gender socialization, what suggestions would you offer to parents and teachers who want to socialize children into more androgynous and flexible gender roles? Demonstrate how your suggestions counter the negative gendered impact of agents of socialization.

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The socialization of children has been a key battleground in the war for national identity, values and beliefs about the human race. There are numerous socializing agents in society and it is important to understand that this process of socialization is not inherently bad. If children were allowed or expected to figure out all social cues on their own they would lead a very frustrated life indeed. Children are socialized by their parents and other relatives, at school, by their peer group, through advertisements and other media outlets, through sports stars, musicians and actors and through religious instruction.

Some aspects of socialization are definitely damaging to both individuals and to society. If children live in a home where dad bears mom, the sons will learn that violence toward women is normal and ...

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