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Competencies and Licensure in the Counseling Profession

Do you equate licensure to mean competence? As a counselor, how will you know when you are competent? What ethical principles are involved with competence?

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principles, competence, correlated, licensure, counselor, competent, involved, ethical, equate, mean
knowledge include the following factors: (1) age, (2) gender and gender identity, (3) race, (4 ethnicity, (5) culture, (6) national origin, (7) religion, (8) sexual orientation, and (9) disability.

The following APA standards address issues of competency:
? Standard 2.02- -address the competence necessary to provide services in emergencies.
? Standard 2.03-- outlines requirements by which psychologists and counselors must maintain competence.
? Standard 2.04-- delineates the bases of scientific and professional knowledge.
? Standard 2.05--delegating work to others who must also have the competence to perform their duties.
? Standard 2.06 --Psychologists refrain from engaging in ...

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This solution addresses questions concerning licensure and competency in professional counseling.