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Journals and Scientific Documents

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Journals and Scientific Documents

1. Discuss the purpose of journals and professional papers.
2. Discuss the organization of a technical scientific paper.
3. Use the University Library (https://axiaecampus.phoenix.edu/secure/gotoLibrary.asp)
to find a scholarly journal article related to your final project. Read and write a brief
summary of the article. Be sure to document it according to APA guidelines.
· Save your three paragraphs in one document.

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//As per the directions, the first section of the paper explains about the purpose and importance of the journals and professional papers. This will help you to know about what kind of assistance the journals and professional papers provide for the research papers. So, firstly we will write about the first section under the heading of Purpose of Journals & Professional Papers, for example: \

Purpose of Journals & Professional Papers

In the case of journals, the premier objective is to make the scholars and readers aware by reporting an original research-work. In general, these journals aim to provide the most recent information's to their readers. Journals also assist in organizing and clearly defining an individual's work. They are also used in studying a wide range of concepts primarily related to the scientific fields. On the other hand, professional papers are used for communicating across different organizations, and in certain ...

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(400 words). it discusses about the purpose and organization of journal and scientific documents

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