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    This post addresses the multi-generational workforce.

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    There are now at least four generations in the workplace at one time. They are: the traditionalist (born prior to 1946 and retirement eligible); baby boomers (born between 1946-1967); generation X (born 1968-1980); Generation Y (born in the 1980's). The Millenials will be joining the workforce in another 10 years. The Millenials were born in the new millenium (i.e., 2000+).

    In the end, the varying generational workforce demographics requires managers to strategically determine how to engage the "entire" workforce in the optimal use of varying technologies.

    How would you approach solving the problem of engaging a multi-generational workforce in 21st century technologies, including as it pertains to communications?

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    The manager needs to look at each age group. There are basically three groups that the manager needs to be considered with, the fourth generation is not yet a factor in the workforce, therefore it would be impossible to determine any effect that they will have on the workforce. The group that is the oldest has a different approach to technology when compared with the other two groups. The oldest group would have to receive instruction in the technology, including communications technology, that is easy for the oldest group to understand, namely because it is likely that the oldest group has less experience with ...

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