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Qualitative and Quantitative Research Design

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Develop a hypothetical design plan for each type of research in a Quantitative and Qualitative form. Provide a discussion of the appropriateness based on suitable foundational research sources for each type of research plan,

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While I cannot write an essay for you, I can outline a response that you can expand on. Look at each section and add information provided in your text or lectures to help format in the way your instructor expects the assignment. If you need any further help or clarification, please ask.





You might want to use your textbook as another resource or use the information in your school library about both types of methodologies.

Quantitative Research plan

Introduction: A description of the problem and why it should be studied. The introduction includes the thesis statement. A brief review of the company and some facts will benefit the reader in this section.

Example: Retention of employees is a problem for human resources. With the cost of recruiting and training, the need to retain employees has become more important. Until 2007, retention was not an issue. However the company was forced to lay off almost one third of its employees during the recession. This research will look at the number of employees, the benefits and compensation, and the number of workers leaving the company, by department, to help identify what helped retain employees and hopefully point to what is needed to return to the 86% retention rate previously recorded.

In some research proposals, the literature review helps to identify what other researchers and companies ...

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This tutorial provides outlines of the two major types of methodologies for a research plan design.

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Qualitative and Quantitative Designs

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