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    Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology

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    I need assistance with understanding the design differences section for my paper. I know there are important differences between the qualitative research design and the quantitative research design. quantitative is statistical data and qualitative is word base description of studies. This is new learning.

    1.Define at least three characteristics of a qualitative study that are unique to this effort Be specific in answers

    2.Define at least three characteristics of a quantitative study. Be specific in answers.

    3.Discuss and compare these differences- Be specific in answers

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    Quantitative research fundamentally states a given research problem in specific terms, which means that the terminology that is used to describe a research problem is a concrete and detailed description of the research problem, without the use of additional terminology that is not pertinent to the specific research problem at hand. Quantitative research also concretely specifies the independent and dependent variables that will be analyzed during the research being conducted, which means that the variable that that displays its characteristics and effects on a given situation, independent of the actions and or characteristics of other variables (independent variable), and the variable that exists or can be altered by the independent variable(dependent variable), are ...