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Quantitative or Qualitative Research?

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The question: "What is at the heart of the debate regarding the two paradigms: the use of quantitative or qualitative research. Which side of the debate do you stand on? Support your position."

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Indeed there has been a paradigm conflict between qualitative and quantitative research methods.

While the debate is highly contentious, it seems to have spurred a false dichotomy between two modes of research when they are both vital in their respective regards and complementary of each other (Mertens, 2004).

Quantitative psychology approach relies heavily on fleshing out a very solid, structurally patterned, mathematical method towards collecting and analysing data. It is ideally suited for large population scenarios and for forming ideas that can be easily generalised on to ...

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A discussion inspired by what I consider the false dilemma that is created over qualitative research and quantitative research when there's an underlying relationship between the two that can be appreciated and used to support the view that they are not mutually exclusive and should not always be treated as opposing paradigms, but rather, complimentary concepts.