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Questionnaire Construction

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I would appreciate suggestions for revising this questionnaire. Thanks.

To: All teachers and staff
From: Principal Kelly
Re: Behavior Incidents during this school year

Please complete this survey by Friday and return it to my inbox. Every staff member MUST complete the form. The Board is asking for information about behavior incidents, so I can convince them that we need a new behavior services division. As you know, I've been asking for behavior management services for two years. This is your opportunity to help me get these services!

Name: ________________________________________________
Position: _______________________________________________ Grade (if teacher or aid): ________

1. Please estimate the number of behavior incidents you have observed during the last two weeks: ______
2. Approximately how many students were involved in these incidents (total). If a student was involved in more than one incident, the number should count that person separately for each incident. ______
3. Approximately how many students are repeatedly involved in the incidents you observed? _______
4. How many of the students involved in behavioral incidents are new students? _____
5. How many new students were involved in one or more incidents? ____
6. What were the types of inappropriate behavior you observed? Please list all you remember. Use the back of this form and extra pages as needed.

Thanks for your continual support of the mission of GlobalEd!

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Hi student,

To: All teachers and staff
From: Principal Kelly
Re: Behavior Incidents during this school year

Name: ________________________________________________
Position: _______________________________________________ Grade (if teacher or aid): ________

The school board is conducting a survey requesting information concerning school incidents. The survey is aimed at determining the number of behavioral incidents encountered by teachers in a school year. As educators we play an important role in providing students with the academic and social emotional support that they need to succeed in school. In view of today's emphasis on student achievement and the need for adequate services, there exists the need for intervention regarding school incidents; and the assessment of schools is making yearly progress in that area. Every staff member is required to complete the survey. The survey should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.

This letter is sent to request your participation in helping to identify school incidents and underlying ...

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