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Effect of question content and wording for response strategy

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How do question content and wording, response strategy, and preliminary analysis planning affect question construction? Provide examples of questions that were positively and negatively influenced by these elements.

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The goal of a survey is for the researchers to be able to collected unbiased, sound data for which they can then analyze in order to come up with conclusions. If the basis (the construction of the questionnaire) of these conclusions is biased, then it might make it difficult for readers to trust the results. Thus, a strong questionnaire is the basis for trustworthy results.

Wording of a questionnaire is critical in a survey. It is imperative that the wording be neutral in nature, as to not sway the readers in either direction. For example:

How do you feel about the wonderful return policy at the department store?
How do you feel about the sub-par return policy at the department store?

Both of these questions are biased. The first one could possible sway respondents in a positive way, as the word "wonderful" would influence then to perhaps think the policy is better than it is. The opposite is true with the second question, the word "sub-par" might make them think the policy is worse than they had unconsciously perceived. The best way would be to word the question in a simple, unbiased way: How do you feel about the return policy at the department store.

Another problem that could affect the questionnaire would be ...

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