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    contingency plan for Ipad.

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    Describe the contingency plan for Ipad.

    Include an assessment of marketing strategy risks and provide the ethical standards with respect to the marketing elements.

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    Describe the contingency plan for Ipad.

    THE objective of the marketing plan of Ipad is to capture 83 % of the tablet computing market share in the United States. Now there must be a contingency plan in place that will help Ipad achieve its targets in the US market.

    The first part of the contingency plan for Ipad is to set up sales monitoring operations. This monitoring will be done on weekly bases. If there is an unfavorable variation in sales of Ipad and there is no immediate reason for it, then alternate plans have to put into motion to ensure that sales targets for Ipad are achieved (Kurtz. D, 2010).

    The alternative plans of action for Ipad are:

    If there is a product related problem because of which the sales targets are mot achieved, there will be additional features added to the Ipad. The size of the RAM will be increased, additional ...

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