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Active Cell Creative Styles

1. Make A11 the active cell and then create a style named Headings that will apply the following formatting attributes:
? Center alignment
? 11-point Lucida Sans Bold
? Light Yellow fill color
2. Apply the Headings style to the remaining column headings in the worksheet.
3. Create another style named Costumes that will apply the following formatting attributes:
? 11-point Century Gothic
? Light Green fill color
4. Apply the Costumes style to the rows below the headings.
5. Change the font and font size for the text in rows 8 and 9. You determine the font and size.
6. Save Excel S4-P2
7. Save Excel S4-P2 as a web page and name it Costume Schedule.
8. View the web page in the default browser and then close the window.

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