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Creative Problem Solving.

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? List the seven steps in the decision-making process and four types of decision-making styles

Explores ways to use creativity in the decision-making process, types of decision-making styles, and common decision-making errors.

Just like with NFL quarterbacks, when supervisors make mistakes "on the playing field," by Monday morning everyone has second-guessed their decisions. Even when following a logical decision-making process, or appropriate decision-making style, things can go horribly wrong-maybe even questions of "bribing the refs"!

Identify all the things that could have gone wrong, and did. Then, be creative, suggest alternative solutions, and follow the decisions to different outcomes.

The workplace disaster scenario and a description of the things that could have gone wrong.
? A brief explanation of the creative problem-solving techniques you researched.
? Suggestions for applying those techniques in creative ways to solve the problems and possibly achieve different outcomes.

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Decision-making is one of the important skills for business and life. It is an essential element for management and leadership. There are various processes and techniques to improve the decision making skills. Following are the seven steps in decision making process :
1. Identify a problem or opportunity
2. Gather Information
3. Analyze the situation
4. Develop options
5. Evaluate alternatives
6. Select preferred alternative
7. Act on the decision
Wrong decision making style in decision making process can lead to disaster. Leaders often consciously choose a particular decision-making style that creates the needed level of support and commitment. There are various decision making styles, following are the few popular ones:
1. Unilateral decision making style.
2. Democratic decision making style
3. Consensus decision making style
4. And delegation decision making style.

Creative ways in decision making:
Creativity is a process of generating unique ideas; opinions and system to solve issues and problems. Decision making is an integral part of management function. Effective decision making helps organization in achieving success and competitive advantage in the market. Due to competitive and global environment, creativity has become an essential factor of organizational success and for gaining competitive strength. Organization cannot sustain on the basis of traditional decision making styles and historical ideas Today's time. Creativity gives scientific approach to the decision makings style and can be used in following ways for in decision making process:
1. Active creation of new and innovative alternatives.
2. Accept new situations as opportunities for beneficial change.
3. Work upon ability to innovate and be flexible in approach.
4. Adopting new ways to address the issues, ways ...

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Creative problem solving is examined. The important skills in business and life are determined.

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