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Examination of skill sets

A recent survey conducted by an outside research firm for my employer revealed that employers view the following skill sets as being most desirable.

What Employers Want

Skill Percent of Employers who rated this as "important" or "very important"*
Interpersonal & Communication Skills 96%
Learning Aptitude & Desire to Grow 95%
Collaboration and Teamwork 93%
Creative Problem Solving 92%

Of what values, attitudes, or behaviors do one think these skills consist? Which of these skills would we like to evolve over the duration to our work.

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If you look at these values, we can dissect them into 2 groups:
Learning aptitude and desire to grow and creative problem solving

Interpersonal skills and collaboration/teamwork

The first set is a cogitative set of skills which a person is born with, and which they could develop during their life. These values could be established when a person is a child, and desire to grow could be seen as a life long goal. Creative problem solving falls under this realm as well. It is in essence a analytical skill in which a person is able to come up with different solutions to problem, which is a key component in a person's ability to think ...

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This posting breaks down two main skills sets (learning aptitude and desire to grow and creative problem solving), and dissects them based on Interpersonal skills and collaboration/teamwork