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What is the definition of creativity?

What is the definition of creativity? Describe a problem (personal or historical) in which creativity or insight could have been applied to bringing about a solution or a better solution. Briefly describe one or two creative solutions to the problem.

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A history establishing the use of the concept of creativity shows it to have developed in 1875 as a derivative of the Latin term creature, which means to produce, and related to crescere ([to grow] (Kampylis & Valtanen, 2010). It gained recognition in the scientific field with a presidential address to the American Psychological Association (APA, 1950). One working definition of creativity is that it is the process of producing something that is original, worthwhile, and the "something" can take many forms (Sternberg, 2006). According to Sternberg, when people have new ideas, they use their reasoning skills to analyze those ideas to arrive at solutions (p. 435) He presents research on early work creative contributions in problem solving using the concepts of domain generality versus domain specificity. Domain generality focused on solving a broad array of problems. Domain specificity called attention to the need for a broad knowledge based to problem solving. Research suggests that creative thinking is a combination of flexibility thinking that produces ...

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This solution defines and discusses creativity in approximately 600 words with three references.