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Strong Culture, Leadership and Organizational Culture

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Explain what is meant by a "strong culture," and identify the characteristics of organizations with strong cultures.
Define leadership in your own words. Explain why, in your view, it is difficult to define.
Describe some ways that organizations can promote creativity?
Explain the factors that lead to individual and team creativity.
Explain the key characteristics of organizational culture.

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What is meant by a strong culture is how strong the organization's belief system is ingrained within the psyche of employees, which results in how strongly the employees carry out their duties in strict accordance with the customs, mores, norms, and beliefs of that particular organization. Due to this factor one of the characteristics of organizations with strong cultures, is that those organizations perform extremely well within their industry. In addition, those organizations also have a high level of internal operational efficiency and effectiveness. Another very important characteristic of organizations with strong cultures, is that there is highly efficient and effective communications between every department within those organizations, as well as clear, concise, and effective communication, between organizational leadership and staff. Organizations with strong cultures have the characteristic of having clear cut goals and/or missions, which allows the members of those organizations to focus ...

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