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What it Means to Be Creative

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Read Hayakawa's essay, "What it Means to Be Creative." What is Hayakawa's definition of what it means to be creative? Describe the strategies he uses to make the term clear to readers. Are they effective?

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The expert determines what it means to be creative. The strategics he uses to make the term clear to readers are determined.

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We can summarize the essay this way: Creativity is --

Breaking through routines. (this is the first point).
non-conformity (this is the thesis)
The examined life (that is, our lives are to be looked at with a critical eye)
Refusing to play roles (step outside social expectations)
Willing to deal with ridicule (this is the consequent)

These are the basic points.

He stresses the concept of not being a follower ? to entertain things that are outside the mainstream.

The problem is that, by definition, being ...

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