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A small writeup on creative thinkers

Using an independent research, select an well known individual who you believe to be a creative thinker. Based on your selected individual, prepare a 300-word detailed outline of your selected creative thinker's impact on its organization.

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There are two components of this task.
1. Identifying a "well known" creative thinker:
2. Preparing an outline of the thinker's impact on his/her organization:

This means that your choice of the individual creative thinker should be based on the criteria that they should have made positive contribution in an organisational setting.

Creative thinking is required in most pursuits of life. So the choice before you is fairly wide. At the glbal level there have been many individuals who have thought "outside the square" in order to deal with socio-political issues. People like Gandhi, Darwin, ...

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This solution provides help in conducting an investigation and a writeup on a well known, contemporary creative thinker. Based on your selected individual, this solution will help you in providing a outline of the selected creative thinker's impact on his/her organization, social group, society or nation.