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    Why important to frame a problem before solving it? Is doing nothing an option?

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    1. Why is it important to frame a problem before attempting to solve it?

    2. Why is "doing nothing" an important option to consider?

    3. What is the difference between a logical thinker and a creative
    thinker's approach to problem solving? Explain.

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    1. Think about it. How can you answer a question fitly without first knowing what the question is all about? This is the essence of "framing the problem" before attempting to solve it. As the old proverb states, "A man who answers a question before he hears it is foolish."

    Whether in business, science, or art, we find ourselves faced with numerous problems in life. "Problems" aren't really "problems" in the narrow sense of the word. They should be viewed as opportunities to find answers or opportunities to learn, or better -- opportunities to grow. When we properly frame a problem, we put it into perspective. We give it shape and help define it. All of this aids us in our ultimate quest for a solution.

    2. Sometimes a problem may be important at sometime in life, but may not be that critical right now. ...

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