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    Improving a Business in Production Quality and Job Satisfaction

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    Please give three examples for each category with a short explanation.

    As the owner of a company, how can I improve:

    - production quality
    - job satisfaction
    - increase worker participation in decision making and problem solving

    Unique and innovative suggestions would be very much appreciated,

    Thank you,

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    As owner of a company you are in the distinct position of being able to influence and change employee behavior. To increase production quality the biggest impact an owner can make is to put an emphasis on quality. This can be done by monitoring error rate (or in a more positive fashion, percent correct), monetary rewards could be given for better results, contests could be run to encourage production quality. Since everything that is tracked gets better, it would be worthwhile to post the company quality results in a highly visible place. This could be percent of items made without an error, for instance. Employees that have particularly good results could ...

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    This solution gives examples of how to improve production quality, job satisfaction, and worker participation in decision making and problem solving, with explanations.