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    Maxine Greene's Philosophy of Education

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    Which philosophy best describes Greene's approach to education -Liberal, Progressive, or Radical? Why?

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    Let's take a closer look. I also attached two supporting articles some of which this response is drawn and made reference to in this response.


    1. Which philosophy best describes Greene's approach to education -Liberal, Progressive, or Radical? Why?

    Progressive PHILOSOPHY best describes Greene's approach to education and that is what it is classified in the educational literature.

    In fact, Dr. Maxine Greene is a professor of philosophy and education at Columbia University's Teachers College and a vocal proponent of the student-centered teaching that is a hallmark of progressive education. Her approach to education fits with the definition of progressive education: "a set of reformist educational philosophies and methods that emphasize individual instruction, informality in the classroom, and the use of group discussions and laboratories as instructional techniques" (1). This fits with Greene's philosophy and pedagogy of using curricular content to make sense of the world. (2) Third, in her writings, she draws on progressive philosophies of Sartre, Husserl and Heidegger to explain her own theory. Progressive philosophy's aim is to describe the first principles of consciousness and reality. (3) (See extra information below)

    For example, according to Greene's progressive philosophy, the goal of education is " to help students to realize their deep connection to and responsibility for not only their own individual experience but also for other human beings who share this world. "... being able to express oneself in a number of different "languages" -- including imagery, music, dance (Greene, p. 57) (4)

    According to Greene, human beings define themselves through the projects with which they become involved. By means of engagement with a project, the attitude of wide-awakeness develops and contributes to the ...

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    This solution discusses Greene's approach to education and evaluates it in terms of being Liberal, Progressive, or Radical, and why. Supplemented with two resources further detailing Greene's philosophy.