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    You have just been hired to consult with a new client organization. This organization is similar to others for whom you have served in an HRM consulting role and experiences many of the same problems and situations that the other organizations have had. You have a wealth of knowledge about other organizations' HRM strategies. Describe your approach to this new client in terms of relying upon knowledge you have gained working with other similar situations.

    1. Identify the areas of overlap in the new client organization with others that you have had as clients. If you have limited experience with these types of problems, be sure to research common issues to complete this question.

    2. Explain the ethical dilemma(s) that may arise if you use your expert knowledge of other organizational HRM strategies with the new client.

    3. Discuss your approach to customizing HRM strategy to business strategies.

    4. Emphasize the importance of establishing HRM strategies to improve a competitive advantage.

    5. Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

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    When being hired by an organization as their newly appointed HR consultant, your first priority will be to establish what the overlapping issues and problem areas are in this new organization as compared to what you have experienced in similar organizations that you have consulted for. Upon identifying these overlaps, you will then proceed with your introductory consultation with the client and lay out what overlapping issues you have identified and then generalize your key concerns and explain what your focal points are going to be as you begin the strategic planning phase of the consult. (Cohen, 2009).

    For this client, the overlapping HR issues will be the following situations; talent acquisition, retention, morale, and training. Each area will be specifically addressed as part of the consult to allow the client to view the identified issues and our strategic plan to improve these conditions as we proceed with the work ahead.

    The first area of concern for the client is talent acquisition. From organizational data and analysis, it is clear that our client's management team is having a significant amount of trouble trying to staff some of their key areas of employment in the organization. This issue is occurring at both the exempt and non-exempt levels. The root causes of these vacancies can be attributed to natural attrition through retirements, however, it is the employees who have left for different reason that we are focused on. In order to better understand why these vacancies are not being replenished with fresh talent, we have to carefully evaluate our clients hiring strategy and help them develop a more proactive solution that will give them a competitive advantage over their competition (Cohen, 2009).

    The next area of concern and focus will be on employee retention. One of the chief complaints of our client when retaining our services is the companies issues with retention of top talent. For unclear reasons, an unusually high number of talented employees are ...

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    From the issues facing the company, the consultant can easily identify that morale is apparently not good in the organization and may be one of the root causes driving many of the problems with the employees and their unhappiness. Many times, this part of the consult will be difficult to address with the client due to the fact that many managers will show an inability to want to accept their management style may be the problem (Kong, 2010).