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Admin and Accounting Departments

I have been running my own business for the last 15 years and I have BS degree in accounting. Because of my business management experience and accounting education, as a partner of a newly established business consulting firm, the consulting has appointed me be the manager for the administrative and accounting departments. I need to write an 300 to 500-word essay about my skills that will help to me to run these two departments and responsibilities that I need to have as a manager for those two departments. Also, why these two departments are important in the organization and what can I collaborate with other departments in the firm such as Management, IT, and Marketing and Sales Departments. Please be creative. Thanks

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I have skills in bookkeeping, basic accountancy and auditing that will help me run the accounting department with ease. In addition, I have skills in computerizing and automating the accounting system that will help me modernizes the accounting department. I have excellent managerial capabilities; I can plan, organize and implement projects with ease and ensure that the projects are completed in time and within the budgeted resources. These skills will be valuable in the task of modernizing and automating a large portion of accounting work.

My managerial skill of organizing, planning and knowledge of local sources makes me well prepared for the job of the manager administration. As the administrative ...

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