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    Kirkpatrick Model for Applying Training Awards

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    One of the best known models for evaluation is the Kirkpatrick Model. The levels of evaluation describe there are used as guides for organizations applying for training awards. Search the internet on "Kirkpatrick Model" to find documentation about this model. Post 1-3 paragraphs comparing this model with the one provided in your textbook.

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    The Kirkpatrick Model is rightfully termed 'the granddaddy' of all training evaluations. It is clearly laid out in a manner that is logical and concise. The Kirkpatrick Model begins with level one, 'the reaction - which is basically, looking at what results the trainer is after and then determining what sort of training is necessary to get the employees there. Furthermore, trainers must look at the current behavior, attitude, and knowledge of the group and determine how to change these traits to get to the training goal. Most importantly, in the Kirkpatrick Model is the concept that training programs not only teach the employees what they need to know, but also 'get the employees to react favorably to the training' (Kirkpatrick, 1993).

    The second level in the Kirkpatrick Model is determining what the stakeholders want, and how this will be measured in a tangible ...

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    This solution compares the Kirkpatrick Model for applying training evaluations to other methods. APA references are included.