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Learning Evaluations

Explain the relationships between 5 types of learning evaluations (e.g. Kirkpatrick levels). The levels are (1) Reaction Level, (2) Learning Level, (3) Behavior Level, (4) Performance Level, and (5) Results Level. Please identify the key characteristics of the situation that demands that type of evaluation.

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There is a close relationship between 5 types of learning evaluations. Individually, between Kirkpatrick levels, there is moderate relationship between each level.

Consider the relationship between reaction level and learning level. A participant may have a positive reaction to the training program but the learning level depends on the cognitive skills of the person. If the person does not have good learning skills, the increase in knowledge or skills will be moderate or even minimal. There can be several reasons for a positive reaction towards learning or a training program. A participant may be satisfied because the training session gives her time off from the drudgery of day to day life. However, this reaction may ...

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