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Strategic Management: SWOT

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When using SWOT to analyze internal enterprise capabilities, what impact do process limitations have on performance potential assessment? How is value chain analysis used to build competitive advantage? What role does analyzing customer needs play in shaping an effective value chain?

What strengths and weaknesses do traditional organizational structures provide? How do boundary less and learning organizations impact strategic capability in a global environment?

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Impact of SWOT Process Limitation

SWOT analysis is used by organizations to analyze the internal environment and through this organization can develop effective business strategies. As, it facilities acknowledgement of strength, weakness, opportunity and threats that helps quite positively to develop strategies but the process of SWOT also contains some limitation that may affect business in future. The limited area of analysis affects the results of the SWOT like an organizational strength only can be analyzed with available information regarding market and competitors. In relation to the process to analyze opportunity, an organization cannot go beyond the time so that the potentiality of the market cannot be determined easily which affect the opportunity part of SWOT analysis and deliver wrong options (Pahl & Richter, 2009, p. 27-30).

Value Chain Analysis to gain Competitive Advantage
Value chain analysis contains two activities, primary and support, and on the basis of these activities an organization can gain competitive advantage. The commutative advantage of an organization is connected with its value chain analysis as it contains all types of activities like inbound logistics, operations, ...

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The strengths and weaknesses of traditional organizational structures provide are given. The boundary less and learning organizations impact strategic capability in a global environment is examined.

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