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Analyzing Organizational Strategic Management Competency

1.Consider the representative company value chain on page 111 of the text. What point in your industry's value chain does your firm occupy? Is this an advantageous position? Is your firm trying to shift its position; either by integrating backwards into your supplier's business or forward into your customer's?
2.Share one or more of your firm's core competencies. What competitive advantage is rooted in that core competency?
3.SWOT analysis is the most widely applied model for strategic analysis. It is useful for organizing one's initial approach to strategy formulation. Invariably, the four categories are not of equal significance. Some firms have many strengths and few weaknesses. Others face only threats and see few opportunities. As you studied the elements of SWOT analysis, which struck you as being especially salient? Which of the four stood out as being something that your firm devotes a lot of attention to? Why?
4.Benchmarking, the systematic comparison of one's own operations to those of perceived world leaders, has become a universal practice among industry leaders. It is particularly interesting to hear of examples where firms benchmark themselves against firms in other industries. For example, virtually every auto maker has studied Dell because they are world leaders in mass customization. Does your firm engage in benchmarking? If so, who is your target and why were they chosen?


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1.The point in my industry's value chain that my firm occupies, is the support activity of human resource management, which is a very advantageous position to occupy within its industry, due to the fact that the industry demands that there be high quality personnel in order to facilitate the logistical operations and other operations within the industry. Without the ability of the firm to provide highly trained individuals in order to facilitate its logistical operations within the industry, the industry will eventually begin to suffer a decline in its productivity, which would have a detrimental effect ...