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Competency Framework and Performance Appraisal Form

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Chic, Smart & Trendy (Fz) l.L.C. is a Dubai based company dealing in ready made garments, accessories and footwear for men, woman and children for all ages. It has over 25 retail stores across U.A.E. and employees around 800 Staff. Now imagine you are the HR Manager of this company, You want to introduce a competency based Performance Management System in your company for which you must obtain the approval of your company's CEO.

Q1) How will you convince your CEO on the need to introduce such a Performance Management System in your company?

Q2) List 5 Competencies that are most appropriate for the role of a Showroom Salesman / Saleswoman, describing effective and in-effective demonstrated behaviors for each competency.

Q3) Prepare a Performance Appraisal Form for a Showroom Sales man / Sales woman, incorporating these 5 critical competencies.

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This solution provides a detailed discussion of the given performance management assignment.

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** Please see the attached file to for the sample form **

Competency framework and designing performance appraisal Form
Competency based performance management system's are required by organizations since many organizations are nowadays becoming more interested in managing the appraisal and competence of their employees performance. Organizations are seeking more qualitative assessment which are oriented to the future and are focused on development. The use of a competency approach will always bring out several perspectives which can be used in the management of performance. Within an organization, performance will always be reviewed in terms of the process employees achieve their job results within the workplace (Competency based performance management, (2006).

Convincing the CEO on the need for the competency based performance management system
As a HR manager at Chic, Smart & Trendy (Fz) I.L.C Company, I have seen the various need for the use of a competency based performance management system and I have to obtain approval from the company's CEO. There are several ways in which I will convince the company's CEO on the need for the introduction of a competency-based ...

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