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    Blockbuster Entertainment Corporation - great insight into the organization, its products, and marketing strategy.

    (1) From the case study and the Blockbuster Entertainment corporate website,
    what do you believe is the strategic plan for the company?

    (2) What marketing research strategies do they employ?

    (3) How does the marketing research influence their marketing efforts?

    (4) How does their marketing plan affect and include distribution?

    (5) Discuss Blockbuster's recent decision to eliminate "late fees" and changes in pricing for videotape rentals.

    (6) How does Blockbuster's distribution and pricing set them apart from their competition?

    (7) What other organizational and marketing strategies does Blockbuster Entertainment use to make them successful?

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    Company's Strategic Plan
    Blockbuster's strategic plan has always been to keep up with the competition. At its inception, blockbuster opened video rental locations nationwide. The general public would obtain a membership and videos could be rented. The chain also sold popcorn and candy to go along with the video rental purchase to give the consumer the feel of being at the movies while sitting in his or her own home. With the videogame craze growing, the company began renting videogames. DVDs came into the picture and the company embraced them. Being on top for so long, Blockbuster could not phantom losing market share, but it happened. " Frankly, we see online subscriptions as a niche business, says a Blockbuster spokeswoman, we think the real win-win will be a combination of an online and in-store service." (Forbes 2003) To regain its market share, the company implemented market research strategies.
    Blockbuster Marketing Research Strategies
    With declining sales and the closing of many of its stores, Blockbuster performed an analysis of the market in which is serves and rethought its business plan.
    Satellite and cable providers began offering a service called "Pay Per View." By purchasing a pay per view movie for the same price as a video rental, the consumer did not have to rush to the video store in the hopes that the move he or she wanted was in stock and did not have to worry about dropping the video back off at the store before ...

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