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Business Plan Idea

Write a 300-350 word paper describing the kind of business you would like to start. If you've had no desire to start one, pretend you were going to start one, and describe a new business idea in your paper:

a. describe the products or services the business will offer
b. who are likely competitors might be
c. where the business will be located
d. who are your target markets or customers
e. Why there is a need for your product or service in the marketplace. This is THE most important question for anyone thinking of starting a business. This NOT ONLY means is the product or service in demand but ALSO does the marketplace need yet another competitor providing this kind of product or service; these are two separate issues

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//This paper explains about a new business idea. The business that I would like to start is based on dog products and the business plan includes the product that I choose the main competitors of the business and the main location like U.S.A and France where this company can be located. This paper also discusses about the target market and the consumers of product//

Before staring a business, a business plan should be prepared in a proper manner. The business ideas come from a deep analysis of the customer needs, market trends and demand in the market. To sell a product or services there should be a business idea or a strategy to sell the product. Here, the marketing 4'Ps are particularly useful which are price, place, promotion and product. So, before starting a business one ...

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