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    Marketing and Branding Strategies of Frito Lays Sun Chips Multigrain Snacks

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    Using the case study on Frito-Lay, Inc, Sun Chips Multigrain Snacks:

    1. To what degree does the product align with the current trend of healthy living? How does the family life cycle work into the discussion?

    2. What is involved with successful branding? Explain how solid brand management and positioning would impact this product.

    3. Based upon your assessment, has Frito Lay identified the most appropriate target market? Include your rationale. Would you suggest an alternative or additional target market?

    4. Are the Sun Chips multi-grain snacks a sustainable new product addition to the Frito-Lay product line? Think about whether it aligns with Frito Lay's overall product-marketing strategies. Include some level of discussion on the competition and industry.

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    1. To what degree does the product align with the current trend of healthy living? How does the family life cycle work into the discussion?

    Sun Chips Multigran Snacks is a new healthier option made available by Frito Lay Inc. with a combination of wheat, oats, rice and corn used in preparation of the chip. The company has already been in the business of snack chips with a variety of other brands such as Tostisos, Santisas, Munchos, Cheetos etc. The new brand of Sun Chips differentiated the company with a provision of healthier options for the consumer. This has come as a realization and concern towards deteriorating health of American consumers. As per a report of Centre for disease control and prevention, the average intake of snacks and meals of 3.8 per day, the American consumers have increased it to 4.9 snacks a day which is a 33% increase in the intake and around 17 million adults constituting almost 7% of the population are using only snacks as a source of their daily food with 90% Americans having 50% snacks in their diets (Best, 2017: n.d.).

    Certain surveys conducted in the middle of 2000 showed that the average intake of an adult American has increase to 2375 calories per day which is one third more than what they used to consumer in the 1970s and this has led to obesity related problems and diseases (Harding, 2011: June 30). This report further depicts that the average time between meals and snacking has also reduced (Harding, 2011: June 30). A report from National Center for Health Statistics depicts the fact that the penetration of overweight people rose from 46% in the year 1980 to 62% in the year 2000 (United States Department of Agriculture, 2003). Since, the Americans are more attuned towards consumption of snack items, they were not aware of the health issues that may arise as a result of the unhealthy habits.

    Therefore, consumption of snacks has a huge market potential with a huge 17 million population only eating snack foods in 2000. This is a huge opportunity for the company to make this large population aware about the unhealthy snack food items and the new product offering from Frito Lays Sun Chips Multigrain Snack is a unique offering for the consumers. The family life cycle concept comprises of different stages of life cycle and therefore, a person graduates from being a Single young adult male to becoming a couple with no kids, Couple with infants, couple with children, couple living with adult children, Old couples living with children, Old couples living without children and empty nesters i.e Single old male or female after death of one of the spouses (Kotler and Keller, 2008).

    Therefore, the snacking habits of each of these market segments are different. The young adult population has more propensity to go for intake of more snacks and lesser time duration between snacking and meals. As this younger population marries and convert into ...

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