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Airlines & External Factors

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Choose an organization (Avoid an organization that is so large that historical data would be difficult to apply). Justify selecting this organization. Include the following:

- The organization's name
- The purpose for this organization's existence
- Why this organization is of interest to you
- Availability of organizational data: Avoid selecting an existing organization for which there is no publicly available historical data

B) Do you agree that the airline industry appears to be one of the most effected industries by external factors? Explain.

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I chose Livestong (livestrong.org). I picked this because it is an organization that has been successful in marketing its' name and engages in a wide range of activities to draw attention to its' cause. In addition, although Lance Armstrong started the organization and lends his name to it, the organization has successfully separated itself from the negative Armstrong press has generated and developed into a positive health and wellness force.

The purpose for this organization's existence is to improve the lives of people affected by cancer. They raise money to support cancer research and help survivors improve the quality of their lives. The organization has ...

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This solution chooses an organization (Livestrong) and discusses the purpose of the organization and the external industry's effects on the airline industry.