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    Swot Analysis

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    Resources: Ch. 3 of Introduction to Business

     Select a sample business plan from the list your instructor provides.
     Research your sample business plan at http://www.bplans.com/Sample_Business_Plans/.
     Use the example on p. 97 of the text as a guide.
     Conduct a SWOT analysis of the sample business plan you selected.
     Write a paper in APA format explaining the business plan you selected and your SWOT analysis discussing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company you chose.
     Post your paper as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

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    Swot Analysis 1
    SWOT analysis of Puddle Jumpers Airlines
    By BUS 210 Foundations of Business

    Swot Analysis 2
    SWOT analysis of Puddle Jumpers Airlines

    Introduction: A SWOT analysis is an analysis of the internal and external environment of a firm. Environmental factors internal to the firm are known as strengths and weakness and those external to the firm are known as opportunities and threats. SWOT analysis is helpful in matching a firm's resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates Therefore, it is important in formulation of strategy and is a vital element of the strategic planning of a firm. I have decided to conduct the SWOT analysis of Puddle Jumpers Airlines, Inc. which is a new consumer airline in its formative stages.

    Website: http://www.bplans.com/spv/3217/index.cfm?affiliate=sba

    Puddle Jumpers Airlines have experienced and creative leaders. They had previously managed Private Jet Airlines and enlarged its operations from a single Boeing 727 to a fleet of 16 MD80 series aircraft and increased revenues to $130 million in a two year period from 1992 through 1993. Puddle Jumpers target markets will require even more frequent flights than the demand for Private Jet's flights which will increase its revenues further. It has a well developed and researched model and its research indicates that air travel to and from Any town is ample to provide a new carrier with revenues of $110 million dollars in its first ...

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    SWOT analysis of Puddle Jumpers Airlines, By BUS 210 Foundations of Business