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    Strategic Planning Versus Humanistic Management

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    Please help with developing the response to the following:

    1. Compare and contrast quality programs, such as humanistic management and strategic planning theories. What are the differences and similarities?

    2. Was the Balanced Scorecard theory innovative? Why or why not?

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    Strategic planning goes hand in hand with humanistic approach. As the company plans for its success, it has to consider the capabilities of its employees and the competitive advantages that they can give. Both strategic planning and humanistic management theories are approaches to effectiveness. They both have the same objectives most of the time. However, the humanistic manager thinks differently from the strategic planner in terms of how to achieve these goals as they have different preference than those who practice strategic planning.
    Strategists are more focused on how to reach their goals and will use all the assets of the company to the best of their ability to achieve those goals. Humanistic managers are more concerned of the humane aspects (people such as their personnel and their customers). They start their planning using values and ...

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    Comparison of strategic planning and humanistic management and the Balanced Scorecard are described in 525 words with three non-APA references.