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Executive Assistant Training

Read The 8 Step easy guide to designing training sessions (http://www.thedevco.co.uk/in-company-train-tips.htm).

After reviewing the following article select 2 responsibilities. One should be technical in nature and the other should deal with interaction skills. Follow the first 6 steps described in the article.

Assume that the primary responsibilities of the Executive Assistant position will include: providing all administrative support to the president, maintaining the schedule or calendar utilizing Lotus Notes, making travel and meeting arrangements, handling confidential correspondence and projects utilizing Word, Excel & PowerPoint, and directing callers to the proper department to address their issue (not bothering the president with trivial calls). Add additional responsibilities that you think would be appropriate.

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Technical in nature:
Directing callers to the proper department to address their issue:

Step 1: I will discuss this with the executive assistant and this manager about the calls received and he kind of training required.
Step 2: The objectives will be that the executive assistant should be able to direct the calls to the right person immediately. He should be able to identify the person, the department, immediately locate his intercom number and forward the call.
Step 3: There will be a written exam where the executive assistant will be tested on the department and the location and functions of different persons in the company.
Step 4: The learner ...

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This solution discusses executive assistant training in 438 words. The technical nature and interactive nature of the selected responsibilities are both broken down in to six steps.