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    Training Responsibilities

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    Download and read The 8 Step easy guide to designing training sessions (http://www.thedevco.co.uk/in-company-train-tips.htm).

    After reviewing the following article select 2 responsibilities. One should be technical in nature and the other should deal with interaction skills. Follow the first 6 steps described in the article.

    Assume that the primary responsibilities of the Executive Assistant position will include: providing all administrative support to the president, maintaining the schedule or calendar utilizing Lotus Notes, making travel and meeting arrangements, handling confidential correspondence and projects utilizing Word, Excel & PowerPoint, and directing callers to the proper department to address their issue (not bothering the president with trivial calls). Add additional responsibilities that you think would be appropriate.

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    Step 1 Discuss with the Executive assistant and with the boss of the Executive Assistant and ascertain from them the learning gaps that need to be filled in for using Lotus Notes.
    Step 2. A thorough ability to maintain schedules using Lotus notes. Use other common software like a word processor for schedule maintenance when Lotus Notes is not available.
    Step 3 The will set a written exams that will have two parts, the first will test the knowledge of the Executive Assistant with regards to using Lotus Notes and the second on scheduling and calendar functioning with Lotus notes and other software.
    Step 4 The Executive Assistant will need to have a thorough knowledge of most functions of Lotus Notes to pass my exam ...

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