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    In March 2004, with the U.S presidential compaign heating up, President Bush's White House team made what would seem to be a questionalbe hiring decision. It's not clear how much screening they did, or who did it, but almost as soon as the White House recommended Nebraska business executive Tony Raimondo to be the administration's assistant commerce secretary for manufacturing ("manufacturing czar"), Mr. Raimondo had to withdraw his name from consideration.

    The candidate withdrew his name after blistering critisim from Democratic nominee John Kerry, Among other things, the president's manufacturing czar was supposed to develop strategies for beefing up U.S manufacturing capacity and creating more manufactring jobs in the U.S, but it turned out that Mr. Raimondo ran Nebraska's manufacturing business that had set up plants in China, and outsourced a portion of his company's jobs there. Senator Kerry said Mr. Raimondo therfore hardly seemed like the ideal person to champion keeping jobs in the United States.

    1. What should this position's job description look like?
    2. What are the ideal job specifications for the person in tis position?
    3. How should we have gone about recruiting and screening for this position? What selection tools, specifically, would you use?
    4. Where do you think we went wrong?

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    //Before scripting about the ideal job specifications for the person in a given position, it is essential to have knowledge about the 'Job Description'. One should know about the main components of the given job, which further will assist in analyzing the job specifications effectively.//

    1. Job Description

    The given position is the central point of contact with the manufacturing sector of the United States. It is the responsibility of the Assistant Secretary to implement the recommendations suggested in the Manufacturing Report given by the Department of Commerce. He is also responsible for assisting the Secretary of Commerce, who ultimately is the chief advocate of the federal government in the manufacturing sector. The duties of Assistant Secretary involve coordinating with the advisors of Economic Council, the national Treasury, Labor Departments and certain other concerned agencies (Progressive Government Institute - Appointee Data, 2005). Through this, the Assistant Secretary is responsible for starting a benchmark analysis regarding the manufacturing environment of the country and determining the cost competitiveness of the industry.

    Importantly, the applicant will be responsible for enhancing the capacity of manufacturing sector in the country on a regular basis. Moreover, the position will demand the applicant to maximize the job ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 763 words with references.