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Job Descriptions and Healthcare Organizations

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How is a job description document derived and how does it impact healthcare organizations?
Please site all references. Prefer US Referenced websites, if possible.

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This solution explains how a job description document is derived and how the document can have a profound impact on healthcare organizations. Supplemented with two highly informative and illustrative articles.

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On the surface, the relationship between a job description document and healthcare organizations seemed fairly straightforward and linear. However, it is indeed a very complex interplay of many variables. I have attached the response (also presented below), but I strongly encourage you to read the three articles in their entirety. In this way, you will have a better understanding of the content matter and probably come up with other examples that stand out for you. Very interesting question, indeed. I hope this helps and take care.


Initially, the relationship between a job description document and healthcare organizations seems linear and pretty straightforward. However, instead, it is a very complex interplay of many variables (i.e., government legislature, program funding, changing societal trends, economic declines or inclines, changing healthcare missions, such as the move to preventive programming (and the related job description of the necessary skills, abilities, and performance variables expected of the worker) did not attract many workers to this area of services creating a shortage or workers which impact the healthcare organizations ability to meet the goals of their organization.

Before we look closer at the questions, I would like to point out the three exceptionally informative articles that I have located. The first gives a full description of what a job description is and how it is derived (see http://www.pao.gov.ab.ca/class/forms/write-job-description/how-to-write-job-descr.htm attached for convenience). The second is about the changing trends in healthcare organizations, and how the more "demanding" job descriptions (i.e., overcrowded hospitals, long work hours, no job security, excessive government regulations, changing job description, such as some job descriptions have changed so that doctors are doing jobs that used to be done by nurses, etc.), and the resultant stress, combined with the changing trends of worker's expectations impact the healthcare organizations (i.e., workforce shortage, increased stress, decreased job satisfaction, decrease in quality of care, etc.) impact the workers morale, commitment, and, thus, the healthcare organization as a whole (see http://www.longwoods.com/opinions/HC_WK_2002.pdf ). The third article looks at the global trends of healthcare (see http://www.ilo.org/public/english/dialogue/sector/techmeet/jmhsr98/jmhsrr.htm#4.%20Employment attached).

According to the "Workforce Commitment Report, (3rd edition), the limited pipeline of workers entering the healthcare profession is a key-contributing factor to the long-term workforce shortage. Far fewer younger people are choosing healthcare as a career, as ever before. Not only do career applicants have more career chooses, but the healthcare's field image has shifted from a high-tech workplace with job security to an environment filled with stress and excessive government regulations (see http://www.longwoods.com/opinions/HC_WK_2002.pdf). Initially, this seems unrelated to the job description document, but it is very much related.

Now, let's look a little closer at the two questions that you presented. All sites and references (US references when possible) will be listed within the text.

1. "How is a job description document derived..."

Job Description Document

The relationship between job description and the healthcare organization is complicated and in no way linear i.e., the job description document reflects the organization's goals (which often reflect government legislation and mandates for each healthcare organization), which impact the workforce either positively or negatively (i.e., long hours, wages, organizational structure, ...

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