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Recruitment Methods & Job Descriptions

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Examine two ways that companies can recruit qualified job applicants. Determine which method may be most effective and predict how it could benefit the company when hiring new employees.
Methods for social media and online recruiting are explained, in over 200 words with a reference.

From a HR perspective, compare two different job descriptions. Recommend two changes to make the job descriptions more marketable. Provide examples to support your recommendations. Be sure to provide details of the job descriptions in case others want to use them.
A job description from Starbucks and a government agency are discussed in about 200 words, with 2 references.

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In today's "plugged in" world, two recommendations for companies to recruit qualified job applicants is via sources such as LinkedIn and professional associations. LinkedIn boasts that it has over 200 million users and has a Company Pages feature, where organizations can create a profile, to highlight benefits and perks of their work environment, along with available positions. LinkedIn also has "groups" where users can come together to discuss a common interest; such as their professional field of work. This feature permits companies to join groups specific to the area of expertise needed for their position. Another avenue to pursue for recruitment is to target the professional associations that represent certain fields. An example of ...

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This two-part case provides examples of how organizations can reach qualified job applicants, with the use of social media being the most popular venue in today's "online" world. Next, there is a comparison of two job descriptions - one from a private organization and the other from a government agency. The analysis on these descriptions provides recommendations for changes. The solution is over 400 words and includes 3 references.

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The adage ' square peg in the round hole' has become all the more apt and important in the present day scenario. Gone are the days when you just pasted "requirement of helping hands on your factory gate" and unemployed persons will flock to your premises.

Besides, you can no longer hire ' a jack of all trades'. Times have changed, aspirations of candidates have changed and so have your identification for the right candidate.


Consider the selection process. this is the "ground zero" of your talent acquisition. You depend on your people for your company's success. What can we do to ensure that we get the best talent? What kind of behavioral, situational and panel interviewing techniques can help ensure that you get the right person for the job?

It is very important to define the position for which you are looking for a suitable candidate with best talent. It must spell out the purpose of the job, major duties, conditions under which it is required to be performed effectively, contacts with co-employees, job knowledge, skills, abilities needed, educational qualification, and work experience.

Diversification in the contrary fields of business is becoming the norm for the companies. They are ever in the look out for opportunities for acquisitions and mergers, making joint ventures within the country and abroad, cut costs, outsource, align with the culture, ethos and work practices of those countries.

Recruitments have to be made, from internal or external sources, or various other convention or non-conventional methods to ensure that best candidates are employed and retained.

The basic goal is that the best candidate is given the opportunity, who may find avenues for growth in the organization may agree with its vision and mission and must contribute his might for the success of the business.

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